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Nkala doubts Gukurahundi discoveries


Zanu PF founder and former Defence minister Enos Nkala has expressed doubts the human remains discovered in parts of Matabeleland recently were of victims of the 1980s Gukurahundi massacres.

Nkala’s remarks come amid reports suspected Gukurahundi victims’ remains were discovered at Silwane Primary School in Lupane sometime in July last year.

There have also been claims in Tsholotsho that remains of villagers and teachers killed by the 5th Brigade during the military operation had been unearthed from a disused pit latrine at Zimatugwa Primary School.

Communities in the affected areas have called on government to exhume and properly bury the remains.

“Who determined that the remains were of the Gukurahundi victims?

“Zimbabwe had many wars. It’s possible the remains may be of victims of the liberation struggle or other wars that happened before,” he said.

“Such assumptions are sometimes made by people when drunk and they blow things out of proportion without proof.

“People in Lupane, Tsholotsho, Plumtree and Kezi must approach their District Administrators to deal with those issues and address them,” he said.

When asked how best he thought the Gukurahundi issue should be resolved, Nkala said: “Can you find a comfortable time to visit me and let us discuss at length about these things.

“Some of the allegations on the matter have been directed at me.”

Nkala has previously been accused of spearheading the atrocities when he was Defence minister, but the former Zanu PF politician has denied the charges.

Nkala claims he opposed the massacres while he was still a Cabinet minister.

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