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Landscape: Aren’t we lucky only God has divine power?


Can you imagine what would happen if, for instance, dictators had the divine ability to halt ageing and to overcome death?

Wouldn’t the world leaders be the young Kamuzu Bandas, Muammar Gaddafis, Mobutu Sese Sekos and their ilk eternally trampling on hapless generations?

Can you think of the horror in a world where heartless dictators neither aged nor died?

If, by the power of their word, power-hungry despots could do whatever they pleased, wouldn’t we see geographical regions in their countries go for days or months or years without rain, sunshine, oxygen or possibly land, among other things, as punishment for not being worshipped?

Where armies and the secret police are sent to crush dissent, what could a dictator with divine power do to achieve the same result?

Shouldn’t we thank the Lord that the mighty and powerful among us are just as human as we are and will all succumb to the natural laws of decay?

Why don’t we express gratitude to the Lord because these men and women have no power to stop change when the Lord Himself prescribes it?

We all saw how ordinarily pathetic Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi looked when they were dragged from rat holes. Weren’t they signs the Almighty gave the world as a reminder to those of their ilk that they are as mortal as the next man or woman?

Of course, we don’t expect them to take heed, do we?

Is taking heed of warning signs one of their strengths? Remember Nebuchadnezzar?

Isn’t it a sobering thought to imagine what would happen if such people, who use partisan armies and secret police to massacre civilians, would do if, by mere word of mouth, they could exterminate their perceived enemies?

Who else would they let inhabit the world apart from a few of their “angels” (their evil acolytes) and relatives? Wouldn’t certain ethnic groups be history by now?

What kind of trouble would the world be in if such people could divinely determine the course of history?

What would Adolf Hitler be doing today if he had not succumbed to the vagaries of nature and history?

Would we have a Jewish race as we speak? After finishing with the Jews, what else could he have done if he had powers divine?

Don’t we have a number of Hitler’s clones (so to speak) today whose only limitation (to their vexation) is the lack of divine power to achieve their goals?

Don’t these men and women, who do not have the power to create life, derogatively call their fellow citizens “my people” as if they own them?

Isn’t it frightening to imagine how they would treat other people if they had powers to create them?

Is it not true that one of these despots once said to his fellow African countrymen and women he had been to England “representing you baboons”?

If earthly power corrupts these people absolutely, what would divine power do to them?

Wouldn’t we have situations, for instance, where the sun would never set because “the King is angry with his servant who put one, instead of two spoonfuls of sugar in his tea”?

Don’t these people harbour the false belief that earthly armies can protect them from anything, including death, yet a single mosquito can terminate their lives?

Don’t they go on to prescribe the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and their fellow comrades who dare expose them for what they are — ordinary human beings with ordinary weaknesses? What would these people do if they had divine protection, knowing well that neither sickness nor death could touch them?

Is it not fact that dictators want everyone to believe the existence of other men and women is courtesy of their benevolence?

Whatever they do — giving out land, scholarships, distributing resources, etc — don’t they think they are doing everyone a great favour?

Don’t they feel everyone should be eternally grateful to them? Judging by their contempt for fellow countrymen and women, would we be wrong to conclude that they think citizens in their countries are indebted to them?

Wouldn’t you quake in your boots to imagine what would happen if mankind really owed existence to these self-serving despots, if it were true that the little they parcel out to the rest of the populations is out of benevolence or altruism?

Haven’t we noticed that it is a universal weakness that dictators want to deify themselves so much they build statues in their own image, name roads, buildings, schools and airports, among other things, after themselves?

What would they do if they had divine power to enable them to throw themselves from the tallest building and land softly without getting hurt?

Wouldn’t the earth be in more serious trouble?

Don’t we owe a “thank you” to the Lord that divine authority is firmly in his hands?


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