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Elderly residents revive pool


An association of old Mpopoma residents in Bulawayo, the Mpopoma Matshobana Old-Timers’ Association (MMOTA), has started rennovating the suburb’s disused swimming pool.

The pool was last used in the 1990s. MMOTA vice-chairman Love George Lunga said they were worried about lack of recreational facilities in the area.

“It has been derelict for nearly 15 years as it last worked in the early 1990s,” he said.

“What we are doing here today is to revive the swimming pool so that children can come and relax here again.”

The association is made up of senior citizens of 50 years and above. Job Sibanda, a prominent city lawyer, is its patron.

Lunga said they would take their time to revive the swimming pool and extend their efforts to other recreational facilities in the constituency.

“We are prepared to be patient with this task. What we want to see at the end is water in this swimming pool. We have spoken to the local authority and they will help us,” he said.

“The aims of the association are to revive all recreational facilities like parks and youth centres in the constituency,” he said.

Over 20 elders were slashing grass around the pool on Saturday.

Bulawayo mayor Thaba Moyo encouraged communities to work with the local authority to help improve the image of the city.

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