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Dangarembga film competes in Egypt


Renowned filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga’s latest film Nyaminyami Amaji Abulozi, the second part of the Kare Kare Zvako music folktale series, was recently selected to compete at the first edition of the Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt this month.

The film was shot entirely in Tonga and is now competing for the Greater Nile Award for the best film in the festival.

“The film, a mélange of fantasy, fact and fiction which has attracted so much controversy from the time of its premier during the 10th edition of the International Images Film Festival, is set to take Zimbabwe cinema to new heights,” said Nyerai Films technical director, Olaf Koschke.

Nyerai Films produced the film.

Koschke said Nyaminyami Amaji Abulozi was another first from Dangarembga whose groundbreaking films continued to send shockwaves through the arts community.

He said in the film, the Nyaminyami river god takes on a human form and proceeds to rid the land of hunger that has allowed evil to run rampant.

Set in the Zambezi Valley, the film incorporates certain aspects of the Tonga culture.

“There’s an overwhelming need to appreciate and embrace all things Zimbabwean and this film is the first step in the right direction,” he said.

Koschke said Dangarembga would be travelling to Egypt for the screening of her film during the festival which would take place from February 21 to 28.

The Luxor African Film Festival, run by the Independent Shabab Foundation, aims to consolidate filmmaking, capacity building and networking in Africa.

It partners with Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Luxor Governorate and the Pan-African cultural organisation AfricAvenir.

Dangarembga is famous for other movies such as Everyone’s Child, I Want A Wedding Dress, Sharing Day, Growing Stronger and Mother’s Day as well as her literary works like She No Longer Weeps and Nervous Conditions.

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