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Willom Tight son aims high


At the launch of Willom Tights album at Gallery Delta recently, the talented artists 18-year-old son Gary took to the stage and mesmerised the audience with a polished performance.

The young musician proved he has the talent and is fast mastering his fathers art, making him a promising musician.

Gary said he was determined to carry on with his fathers art and probably take it to a higher level.
The young musician leads a band called Zion Originated which comprises aspiring young artists of various ages.

I started singing when I was five years old. I want to take music full-time although I also want to be an accountant. With time, I will see how to juggle between the two, but my heart is mainly with music, said Gary.

Asked how he mixed music and school the Afro-jazz artist said: Personally I have an intense love for music, but like any serious aspiring student, I try to balance the two.

The talented young artist is currently working on a 20-track album to be released soon. He recently toured Germany.

His talent is broad and he can play instruments like acoustic guittar, saxophone and mbira perfectly.
The performance at his fathers show left lasting impressions.

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