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Hobas launches new pipe system


Hobas Pipe Systems has introduced glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes to the local market, a development set to replace metal pipes in the country.

The companys international sales representative Peter Scharmann on Tuesday said the GRP pipe system was durable with a lifespan of more than 100 years.

Given the various different requirements in the market segment, we are specialised in a wide range of applications, including wastewater pipes and process lines for industry, said Scharmann. We are very much interested in bringing the technology to Zimbabwe.

Hobas Pipes Botswana chief executive officer Mike Windisch said plans were afoot to set up a manufacturing plant locally.

We need to be sure on the demand and the capabilities to finance the demand and return on investment, said Windisch.

He said the process would probably be initiated next year after construction of the Botswana factory has been completed.

Setting up a factory takes up a year. We dont want a situation where we set up a factory and it runs for a few months only. The kind of factory we want to put up in Zimbabwe has to run continuously and if stopped, its rather costly, said Windisch.

Meanwhile, Hume Pipe chairperson Wilson Manase said the Hobas pipe system was exciting.

This should not get in the way of business and prevent us from importing GRP pipes from Europe. It will be better to have a pipe manufacturing plant here in Zimbabwe, he said.

He said having such a plant in Zimbabwe would promote the local industry and create employment for engineers.

If we have the technology we will utilise it. A Hobas manufacturing plant will enable easy supply and availability when need arises, said Manase.

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