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MDC-T official blasts second-hand goods


GWERU — Former Gweru Urban MDC MP Timothy Mkahlera has castigated government for allowing importation of second-hand motor vehicles, arguing the move was hurting the local industry.

Mkahlera, who was recently elected MDC-T national executive representative for Midlands South, said Zimbabwe should seriously consider imposing heavy duty on second-hand imported cars to protect local jobs.

He said instead of carting away huge sums of foreign currency towards importation of second-hand motor vehicles, government should lure such foreign manufacturers to set up shop in the country and generate employment.

“Can you imagine how many types of cars are in the country from the massive importation of second-hand vehicles? This has surely affected the operations of Willowvale Mazda Motor Industry,” Mkahlera said.

“Some can argue that Willowvale’s cars are expensive, but I tell you, allowing the dumping of second-hand cars here is not the solution.

“It is a short-term measure that has serious effects on the economy. Instead of Toyota,
Honda and other types of cars coming in as imported second-hand vehicles, measures should be in place that manufactures of such cars open up shop here.

“If they can give Willowvale competition, then I tell you prices will fall down in the long run.”

Mkahlera made the remarks at a Press conference in Gweru over the weekend.

“You might be happy buying clothes at $1, but look what that has done to the local textile industry.

“About 400 textile companies have closed shop in the past years because of these cheap substandard products and you can imagine how many people have lost their jobs,” he said

Mkahlera said the country should always be on the lookout to avoid dumping of cheap products from developed countries whether from the East or the West.

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