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Ministers fear typhoid outbreak


Cabinet ministers whose offices are located at Kaguvi and Mukwati buildings in Harare say they are exposed to a possible typhoid outbreak due to unhygienic conditions at the government offices.

Women Affairs, Gender and Communicty Development minister Olivia Muchena whose offices are in Mukwati Building, described conditions at the complex as a ticking time bomb.

There is so much dirt at Mukwati Building and that we are not being infected with these diseases is by the grace of God.

Lifts are not working and ministers have to climb the stairs to their offices, she said.

A NewsDay crew observed that unoccupied rooms had been turned into dumping sites while garbage collection by Harare City Council was said to be inconsistent. Water supplies to the building are also said to be erratic.

Public Works minister Gabuza Joel Gabbuza expressed fears heaps of uncollected garbage at the government buildings could trigger a major disease outbreak.

He attributed the problem to dysfunctional lifts in the buildings. Gabbuza said his ministry had summoned the Government Tender Board to explain why it gave a tender for the repair of the lifts to a briefcase company.

Those people have a record of non-performance. The tender board chose the worst performers and we have called for a meeting with the tender board. All the lifts are there, but they cant fit them.

Its a briefcase company with no technicians, he said.

Last week, the Harare Magistrates Court was forced to close down for business because of water shortages.

Meanwhile, the Judiciary Service Commission has drilled a borehole at the courts to alleviate the water problems.

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