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No end in sight to Hardbody-Tripple B case


The Zifa Central Region Premiership promotion saga has taken another twist with the Commercial Arbitration Centre (CAC) expected to handle the case involving Triple B and Hardbody demanding a $5 000 security deposit from Zifa before the matter takes off.

Chairman of the CAC, Muchadeyi Masunda, told NewsDay Sport on Thursday the case will not see the light of day until that money is paid upfront and said that has been necessitated by a set precedent after Zifa only paid money owed to the centre from 2009, two weeks ago.

The development comes after the concerned parties Beitbridge-based Triple B and Hardbody of Gweru each paid $7 000 to Zifa for the case to be heard by the CAC.

Masunda said last week Zifa only paid them $5 250, owed to the CAC after he together with former Chief Justice Anthony Gubbay handled the Quelaton-Mpumalanga and Simba-Kadoma United cases at the beginning of 2010.

“Those guys, Zifa, were told about a deposit that was needed for arbitration.

“In the past we used to work on good faith and we would work on a case and then Zifa would recoup their money from the clubs.

“About two years ago I and the former Chief Justice Anthony Gubbay resolved two cases and the fees remained unpaid. $5 250 was paid two weeks ago. As soon as they pay $5 000 for this case, then arbitrators will be appointed.

“On average we charge $250 per hour if it’s a simple case. We are not mercenaries, but we are saying once beaten twice shy. People cannot work and then not get paid. The ball is in Zifa’s court,” Masunda said.

Zifa communications manager Nicky Dlamini confirmed Triple B and Hardbody had made payments for arbitration and although she could not say how much had been forwarded to the CAC, she said something had been paid and they were awaiting to be furnished with a date for the hearing.

“We have not received any date yet. We are still waiting. Something was indeed paid to the arbitration centre,” Dlamini said.

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