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Mugabe sleeps in meetings


President Robert Mugabe was now sleeping in meetings and Zimbabweans should not risk voting him into power, come the next elections, MDC leader Welshman Ncube said on Friday.

Ncube said Mugabe was now part of history and he should go back to Zvimba (his rural home) to play with his grandchildren.

With all the poverty, the hunger, what do you think Mugabe can do as an old man who sleeps all the time that he could not do as a young revolutionary?

Why do you think the same man who has destroyed the country in 30 years can mend it in 2013? The only thing he is qualified for is to go back to his grandfather in Zvimba and play with his grandchildren.

But really he wants to be President at 90 years, yet if he was not . . . eating (sic) our wealth, he would be walking using a stick, he said.

Mugabe is no longer a question, he is part of our history as we move for the next election in 2013.

Ncube said elections could only be held in 2013.
The MDC leader said this while addressing hundreds of his party supporters in Chikomba, Mashonaland East.

He said Mugabe who turns 88 this month had ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980 and needed to rest with his grandchildren at his rural home in Zvimba. Ncube also warned that his party would not be part of the implementation of what the other principals agreed to on Wednesday, in Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambaras presence.

We have the difficulty of an illegitimate structure, purporting to make decisions of political parties, yet they are only two (Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Mugabe).

We made it clear that in any forum, Mutambara sits not as a Deputy Prime Minister or on government business and if he takes part in decision-making, we will not recognise that.

We served Tsvangirai and Mugabe with the (court) judgment that explains that. We will not accept that and that (Wednesday meeting resolution) is not binding, he added.

Ncube gave the example of the polling station-based voting agreed to by the three principals as one aspect his party would object to. The MDC leader said Mutambara had no role to play where the other leaders met as he represented no political party.

We have no difficulty when they sit as leaders of government to make government decisions. We said he (Mutambara) can keep that position but he has no capacity to sit where they are three, he said. Ncube said the fact that the other principals were already disagreeing on what they agreed on was a reflection of the confusion.

He also questioned why the Press conference was held at Tsvangirais house and described the Wednesday agreement as childs game.

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