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Kidnapped for snubbing marriage proposal


VICTORIA FALLS A 36-year-old married man from The DRC suburbs in Hwange allegedly kidnapped and held hostage a woman who had turned down his request to marry him at his matrimonial home last year.

On April 6 last year, at around 6pm, Juliet Mkhwebu was coming from church when she met Austin Tshuma at Chikandakubi shopping centre in Hwange.

Tshuma is alleged to have proposed to her, saying
he wanted to marry her.

Mkhwebu reportedly turned down the proposal and Tshuma, in a fit of rage, allegedly assaulted her and dragged her to his matrimonial home where he locked her up.

He allegedly held Mkhwebu hostage until his wife, who was not around, arrived. The wife was angered by the presence of the woman and allegedly assaulted her before freeing her.

Mkhwebu made a report to the police, leading to the arrest of Tshuma on kidnapping charges.
Tshuma was not asked to plead to a kidnapping charge when he appeared before magistrate Archbold Dingana on Tuesday, who remanded him out of custody to April 23 on $30 bail.

Takunda Ndovorwi prosecuted.

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