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Nama struggles to attract sponsorship


The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has failed to get enough sponsorship to add colour to the 11th edition of the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) that takes place at 7 Arts Theatre on February 18.

Besides being better positioned to source funding, the council has always lamented failure to get sponsorship that would make the event match international levels.

For an event that takes place next Saturday it is unfortunate the council is yet to finalise or rather to secure prizes for winners other than trophies.

“Winners are definitely going to get trophies and certificates which is confirmation they have won a Nama,” said Elvas Mari the director of NACZ.

Mari said if there were going to be any prize money or other prizes they would be disclosed later.

Turning to the nominations, the list still leaves a lot to be desired. The dance category list is more like a template from previous nominations. Anyone will agree the dance has all along been about Tumbuka, Umkhathi Theatre Works and National Ballet.

For previous editions the council would be forgiven, but for the current period where dance groups have practically invaded the nation, there remains more questions than answers.

Answering a question on the section criteria at the Press conference, Dudu Manhenga, a board member of the council said: “One of the reasons for which many entries have not made it onto the final nominations is the quality of work and lack of creativity.”

Does this mean dance groups that leave every reveller marvelling at their artistry are not creative enough or it is just another classic case of lack of depth?

This is the same council that lobbied for all dance groups to be registered which now looks to be neglecting them.

The nominations, however, further pour cold water on the already damp awards as they fail to arouse excitement. Whether it is due to the poor track record of the awards lately or poor artistry on the part of artists, remains a mystery.

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