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Barclays launch Internet banking


Barclays Zimbabwe has launched Internet banking to its retail customers, offering their clients the choice to carry out a number of transactions in the comfort of their homes, offices or anywhere and anytime as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Customers are able to check account balances, transfer funds, pay their bills or simply send queries, concerns, compliments or any other messages to Barclays using this channel.

Barclays corporate customers will continue to enjoy Internet banking through Barclays Integrator platform.
Barclays continues to develop its products and services with the safety and security of customers funds and financial information in mind.

One of the key features of this platform is the one-time password, (OTP) which is a two-factor authentication security feature, said Barclays managing director, George Guvamatanga.

An OTP is a password which is sent to a customers registered mobile phone on log-in, or on making certain transactions such as funds transfer, purchasing bank drafts or changing user details.
This ensures that only the account owner can confirm and authorise the completion of a transaction by inputting the OTP.

Barclays banking director Valeta Mthimkhulu said: As Barclays turns 100 years old, I am delighted to welcome new and existing customers to a wider network of Barclays customers who are experiencing the freedom of transacting on their accounts anywhere and anytime.

Over the years, Barclays has been consolidating its electronic channels and offerings as seen by the launch of SMS alerts and enhanced email statements, enabling their ATMs to dispense both US dollars and South African rands as well as accept Visa and MasterCard-branded cards.

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