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Hospital management evicted


The messenger of court yesterday evicted management at the privately-owned African Medical Investments (AMI) Hospital in Harares Belgravia suburb following a dispute with the institutions founder.

The hospital, formerly Trauma Centre, has been at the centre of a dispute between Vivek Solanki AMI directors, who include United States billionaire, Phillip Falcone.

Solanki claims he built the institution, whose name will revert back to Trauma Centre.

Hight Court judge Justice Francis Bere on Monday threw out an appeal by AMI directors against a ruling that confirmed Solanki as the rightful owner of the hospital.

Accompanied by Solankis lawyer Jonathan Samkange and the police, the messenger of court finally carried out the eviction after coming unstuck on Tuesday.

Two men who claimed to be from the Presidents Office tried to intervene to no avail.

That is what happened when the British guys seized the hospital from me in 2010, Solanki told journalists after a brief meeting with the two men.

They enlisted the services of the same people who claimed they were from the Presidents Office.

However, justice has been done through legal means, we followed the law, he said, adding that he was now focusing on reclaiming other hospitals allegedly grabbed from him in South Africa, Mozambique and the United Kingdom.

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