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Peter Moyo breaks down


Peter Moyo could not contain his emotions when Alick Macheso talked at length about his late father Tongai Dhewa Moyo, prompting the young musician to weep uncontrollably before storming off the stage prematurely and ending his performance at City Sports Bar Gardens on Sunday evening.

Macheso joined Peter on stage towards the end of the latters performance to back him on the song Zvinoita Murudo.

Macheso crafted new lyrics to mourn Dhewa through the song and Peter sang along, initially not showing any signs of being touched by the commemorative gesture.

When the song ended, Macheso addressed revellers with Peter by his side and promised to work with the young musician as he had done with his late father.

We worked very well with Tongai. I do not know why God decided to burden this child (Peter) with looking after the band and the family when he is still this young, said Macheso.

But I will work with him. I give him the right direction until he matures. I will assist whenever I can and to Pater I say be strong and face challenges as they come. I know your father is with you spiritually.
After his speech, Macheso hugged Peter and the young man broke down. He clung to Macheso for about two minutes and began to cry. Although Macheso tried to console him, the emotion proved too strong for Peter who then hurried off the stage to his car outside the venue.

Macheso entertained audience joining Peters dancers apparently waiting for their leader to recover and return to the stage, but the wait was in vain and the band had to give way to Machesos outfit.

However, Peter came back on stage about an hour into Machesos performance and thanked his fans for their support before bidding them farewell as he had another assignment in Kadoma that night.

Before leaving the stage, Peter took the lead guitar and played the song Samanyemba to everyones delight. Macheso cheered Peter on and the young musician left the stage a relieved man. People who attended the duos first joint show at Pamuzinda Highway X-scape said Peter had also wept on stage when Macheso talked about Dhewa.

However, Peter showed great signs of improvement in his performance. His vocals have been refined while his dance skills have also improved. He was a marvel to watch as he danced to everyones delight and chanted Dhewas popular lines to cheer his band.

Macheso also gave a commendable performance with his new dancers although Selemani Mpochi, who replaced Franco Slomo Dhaka, seemed to struggle to fill the gap left by the flexible dancer and backing vocalist. Mpochi came up with his own styles, but somehow failed to meet Slomos standards.

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