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Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency MP Giles Mutsekwa MDC-T
Chikanga-Dangamvura constituency covers two of the largest high-density suburbs in Mutare, which are Chikanga and Dangamvura. The constituency also covers Fern Valley, Garikai, Zimta, Dream House and Hobhouse. The MP of the area is Giles Mutsekwa (MDC-T). Residents in his constituency said Mutsekwa is doing quite well to uplift the electorate through development programmes.

What people said about their MP
Councillor Tatenda Nhamarare of Dangamvura 8 said: I know the MP. From the councils point of view, he is helping us with a water project meant to provide water here in Dangamvura.

He also helped Mutare City through the development and servicing of residential stands in Chikanga. He always comes to get feedback from constituents and to check whether his support has not waned.

Chidawanyika Nesta said: I know the MP. He is doing projects here to empower children by developing schools. He has donated furniture and building materials at various schools around Dangamvura and Chikanga.

He is currently building a security wall at Dangamvura High School.

Marvin Mazani said: I know the MP very well because he often calls for meetings with residents. He provided roofing material at St Joseph High School when the schools roof was damaged by wind.

He has future plans for our children and I hope this will go a long way in empowering the community. He has provided roofing material at Nyamauru High School for one classroom block.

Mandina Peter said: The MP has constructed a footbridge that links Ward 15 and Ward 9. In this rainy season, it will be difficult to do our chores and for children to walk to school because of flooded rivers. We have heard that he donated stationery at various schools around Chikanga and Dangamvura. To me, this is a positive development.

Liberty Sithole however, had this to say: I dont know the MP because I dont follow politics. Naturally I dont want development which comes on a party name. What I want is empowerment through job creation. Many youths roam the streets in Zimbabwe yet we are promised daily that tomorrow we will have jobs.

But, Susan Muyambo said: I know the MP and I need to tell him that he should empower women through self-help projects. He should prioritise the water project because the situation here is very bad.
Response by the MP.

I have done a lot of projects in my constituency. Firstly, I wanted to develop schools by improving their infrastructure and providing books and school fees. I am moving to the health sector before I start self-help projects mainly for women empowerment and youth empowerment.

I started the projects before getting the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation and I have a number of projects I did before receiving that money. Most of the projects mentioned by residents were not done through CDF money.

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