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Wife fined $20 for bashing hubby


KWEKWE A 40 year old woman broke down in court on Wednesday after magistrate Taurai Manuwero threatened to jail her for assaulting her husband over money.

Petronella Mazwirebwe escaped jail after she was let off with a $20 fine after pleading guilty to charges of assaulting Levison Mutendi early this year over a misunderstanding stemming from monetary issues.

Manuwero warned the woman not to commit a similar offence as he would not be lenient with her in future.
Are you not ashamed of yourself being brought to court for such an offence at your age? I want to warn you that next time the court will not be lenient to you.

I will send you to prison if you come back again, this is no joking matter, said Manuwero before passing sentence.

Mazwirebwe, who only had $10 on her, then broke down in tears pleading for mercy.

The magistrate responded by giving her up to month-end to pay.

It was the States case that on January 14 while at Masasa turn-off, Mazwirebwe approached Mutendi who was in the family car and demanded money from him.

Mutendi told her had no money on him as he had just paid his employees.

She rejected her husbands explanation and continued pestering him.

He then told her to get the money from the employees.

This did not go down well with Mazwirebwe, who then grabbed her husband by the collar before pulling him out of the car and assaulting him.

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