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Mysterious deaths rock swimming complex


KWEKWE Kwekwe residents are reportedly bitter with the police and local authoritys failure to investigate two recent mysterious deaths at a council-owned swimming pool in Newton suburb.

Two people mysteriously drowned in the pool inside two months, and residents have since labelled it pool of death, urging the authorities to close it while carrying out investigations.

On Monday, police retrieved the body of 21-year-old Innocent Mapfumo from the bottom of the pool after he allegedly drowned the previous day. Kwekwe police spokesperson Israel Mhondiwa confirmed Mapfumos death, but ruled out foul play.

It is alleged Mapfumo went to the pool in the company of his three friends to swim. He later allegedly disappeared underneath the pool, prompting one of his friends, Felix Kondowe, to make a police report. His body was recovered the following day.

Ward councillor Queenly Chitopo told NewsDay the death had shocked the community, and called for immediate action to avoid further loss of life.

As a local authority, we cant fold our arms while people drown in a council-owned facility. Despite the fact that it is rented by a private player, action is needed, she said.

This is the second such death in two months which has happened in almost the same fashion raising the ire of the public who now suspect spiritism could be at play, Chitopo said.

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