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Q Montana opens up on SA contract


MUTARE — Talented Zimbabwean afro-jazz artist, Q Montana — who signed to an international label Coolspot Productions based in South Africa — opened up on the nature of his massive contract.

Q Montana said the contract was valid for a period of three years. The deal will see his new stable distribute his music to over 45 countries on different continents.

“I am signed to Coolspot (Productions). The contract is valid for three years, which can be extended if both parties are happy.”

He continued: “The negotiations have been going on for the past month, but we finally came to an agreement on January 10. There are still some minor issues on the table, but the major and most important issues have been agreed on.

“The stable will distribute my music to over 45 countries which it caters for on different continents. Coolspot jointly works with Khomba Music to market and distribute all my previous albums, including the ones I am going to record with them.

Publishing will be jointly done by Sheer Music.”
Apart from receiving a neat residence, BMW and full band gear as part of the package, the nimble-fingered multi-instrumentalist described his big break as “ . . . a great opportunity for me to expose my music and my talent to the rest of the world.

“For me to be signed shows me that my music has indeed grown to world-class standard and I have a chance to showcase Zim music to the world thus lifting the flag of our country high”.

He admitted the deal wouldn’t have been possible if he was still based in Zimbabwe “because for you to get signed like this you have to be there in person and link up with the right agents.

“It’s a whole different system altogether from how we do things in Zim(babwe) and a lot of music companies seem to work together. There is no way you can really know how to go about it unless you find people that really understand how the system works and how to get the best deal”.

He went on to reveal that he would soon share his experiences in South Africa in his upcoming album titled My Mzansi Experience.

“I will be releasing an album soon called My Mzansi Experience, which will feature a lot of prominent local artists. My fans should watch out for that,” said Q Montana, who is now based in SA, without getting into detail.

The album title will certainly raise a lot of expectations from his ever-expanding fan base.

Many will wonder whether he will sing about his horrific “Mzansi initiation” where he was almost mugged by four thugs armed with knives just before Christmas or his new deal.

Born Brighton Kufa on November 1 1983, Q Montana first burst onto the local music scene with his debut album Neo Vector (2005) followed by Sweet Pain (2007) and Untamed (2009).

Currently, he is riding high with his star-studded fourth project titled Strings Attached launched last year in October.

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