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Top cops get top-of-the-range vehicles


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has said there is nothing sinister about giving luxury vehicles to senior officers as that was meant to enhance their performance.

Towards the end of last year, provincial police commanders received BMW vehicles similar to those used by traffic officers and police crack units, while assistant commissioners were given Nissan Navara vehicles.

Chief superintendents are set to receive Ford Ranger vehicles soon.

National police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri on Thursday said the dolling out of vehicles was not new adding the vehicles given to senior officers were similar to those driven by their colleagues in the army and prison services.

He said besides the senior officers, police stations, including those in the most remote areas, had also received Defenders and Ford Rangers.

Senior police officers, especially Assistant Commissioners were, end of last year ,seen driving around in Navara vehicles that were also seen during the police passout parade in Ntabazinduna on Thursday.

“We want to ensure all sections of the police are adequately provided with transport. The vehicles are meant to bring convenience to the police as they perform their daily duties,” said Phiri.

“But let me be clear, those are not personal vehicles, but duty vehicles.

“They are not vehicles that one would give to their partners for them to drive to Botswana, but they are there to carry out police duties.”

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