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Bungee jumping set to resume


Shearwater Tourism Company is set to resume its bungee jumping expedition, suspended early this year following an accident involving an Australian tourist.

Company officials confirmed the development over the weekend, adding the cord which snapped resulting in 22-year-old Erin Langworthy plunging into the crocodile-infested Zambezi River on New Year’s Eve, had been repaired.

Langworthy jumped from the Victoria Falls Bridge and fell head-long into the Zambezi River, 111m below, but was saved by company employees.

Shearwater Tourism Company then voluntarily suspended the bungee jumping to investigate the incident.

A visit by NewsDay to the site at the Zambezi River Bridge on Friday established there was no activity.

A company official who declined to be named said his bosses were busy running around to rectify the issue.

“We were expecting to start today (Friday), but it seems things are not yet arranged. But our boss was here in the morning.

“He told us that the confirmation of our resumption of bungee jumping may be communicated before end of today if not, probably tomorrow (Saturday).”

Shearwater Adventures spokesperson Clement Mukwasi could not be reached on his mobile phone yesterday.

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