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Dictator’s wives quiz: some infamous First Ladies


1.Which dictator’s wife said “When they opened my closets, they only found shoes — not skeletons. That’s why I’m still here.”?

2. Which dictator’s wife was married for less than 24 hours before she and her husband committed suicide?

3. Which dictator’s wife built a lavish palace to live in which is reputed to be the second largest building in the world (after the Pentagon)?

4. The wife of which Chinese dictator was known as “the white-boned demon”?

5. President Suharto and his wife ruled which Asian country for over thirty years?

6. Which ancient Roman dictator’s wife allegedly killed her husband with a poisoned mushroom in order to put her son on the throne?

1. Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos, wife of Philippines dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, was famous for her collection of shoes. She is said to have possessed over 3000 pairs of designer shoes, including a pair of battery-powered sling-backs that twinkled when she danced.

2. Eva Braun
Eva Braun had been Hitler’s mistress for twelve years. They married on April 29, 1945, in an underground bomb shelter in Berlin. The next day, they committed suicide as the Allies closed in. Hitler’s aides burned their bodies with gasoline.

3. Elena Ceausescu
Elena Ceausescu oversaw the building of the opulent palace in the Romanian capital of Bucharest.

However, she did not get to live in it for very long. On Christmas Day, 1989, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were shot by a firing squad for crimes against the state.

Elena tried to claim that she and her husband lived “in a normal apartment, just like every other citizen”. She claimed, “…we had no palaces. The palaces belong to the people.” The prosecutor replied “You are a very foolish woman”.

4. Jiang Qing, wife of Mao Tse-tung
Jiang Qing, also known as Madame Mao, exerted almost as much power as her husband. In 1980 she was tried for treason and was initially sentenced to death but was later placed under house arrest.

In a nationally televised court appearance, she screamed “I was the dog of Chairman Mao and when he said bite, I bit”. She hanged herself in 1991.

5. Indonesia
President Suharto ruled Indonesia from 1967 until he was forced to resign in May 1998. Siti Hartinah (also known as Ibu Tien) was nicknamed “Mrs. Tien (Ten) Percent” because of the cuts she took on government contracts and business deals.

6. Agrippina, wife of Claudius
Poor Claudius did not have much luck with his wives! Agrippina was both his niece and his fourth wife. Agrippina murdered Claudius so that her son Lucius (known as Nero) could become ruler of Rome.

Nero in turned murdered Agrippina because he found that she tried to rule through him and he was tired of her interference.


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