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Be accountable for the success of your vision


Many people have elaborate resolutions which if followed would propel them to what God called them to be and set them on the pinnacle of world influence.

Do you feel obliged to follow and honour the blueprint of your life? Let me challenge you early in the year as that list of resolutions is still fresh in your mind and the ink on the paper is still wet.

I have already taught in this column you should have at least a 100-year life plan broken down into 50, 20, 10, five and one-year bits then navigate one step at a time.

The vision should be clear enough to pursue as in Habakkuk 2:2, “ And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

The goals should be both realistic enough to encourage you and big and challenging to involve God. Your vision has to be drawn up with the involvement of God, who executes it through gifts and talents He gave you which is your calling and purpose in life.

Many people abandon their vision midway when it seems unattainable because they are not accountable to anyone to fulfil the dream.

Any God-given vision has to die before it rises back to life after removing human logic and rationale replacing it with divine methodology. When that happens, don’t run away; put your trust in God who can raise the dead to life.

There are vertical and horizontal accountability structures; parents, superiors, family and society. The first and highest level of vertical accountability is God the progenitor of the vision.

Always honour and fear God by not doing a disservice to His people that are supposed to benefit from the gift you got freely. Make sure you pursue to the fullest what God anointed you for.

Whatever your calling; doctor, lawyer, sportsperson, pastor etc, you didn’t deserve it, you just got it freely by grace.

You should be servant to your calling so that your gift fills the whole earth. Matthew 23:11 reads, “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.”

When everyone else is sleeping, practice to sharpen your talent. Go to bed late and wake up early. Go to the gym. Pray, fast and meditate on the Word of God.

Don’t waste time; read, study and do more research. Stop going to the pub. Get new focussed friends, leave the lazy folk that are there just for your money and don’t want to copy your ways to earn money for themselves.

Get yourself close to people to share your vision with so when you go off track they can question you. For the married, you have your spouse and children. Children have parents and teachers.

Sometimes to keep yourself on faith track, you have to publish your goals and targets to the right people, always bearing in mind there are dream killers and vision snatchers.

There are those that tell you that you are good for nothing and those you see tomorrow doing what you have told them in confidence today. Let it be known that you want to finish that doctorate degree programme this year, finish building that house and buy that car. Don’t just publish to appear organised, but follow your word.

Don’t be like some companies that have mission statements drawn up by consultants at great cost, but never adhered to. You know the phrases, world-class, fast, friendly, customer care etc and when you have a complaint they don’t pick up the phone.

When you go there, they refer you to some rigorous procedure through a non-existent customer care department.

We have very promising young people in the land who need to be accountable to make it big in the world. Get yourself mentors whose advice and correction you accept.

We had promising athletes, soccer stars, musicians, etc, who were destined to the Guinness Book Of Records, but because of fame they thought there was no one who should tell them what to do.

They got themselves into drugs, heavy drinking, multiple sexual relationships and many vision-killing practices and today they are history.

Through various feedback facilities to this column, I talk to many people and offer counsel.

Sometimes I am led by the Holy Spirit to meet with some of them physically. That’s where the problem starts, you just see people chickening out.

People fail to realise their full potential by refusing to be accountable. Be accountable for the success of your vision. You are going somewhere.
All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.

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