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MDC-T complains of victimisation


Zanu PF stalwarts in Headlands constituency are reportedly trying to evict MDC-T Ward 7 chairman Paul Maunganidze from his A1 farm, in what the former opposition party claims to be part of a fresh clampdown on its members.

MDC-T in Manicaland said their supporters in Headlands were living in fear and had appealed to the Joint Monitoring Committee (Jomic) to intervene before the situation got worse.

A group of suspected war veterans in the Nyamukamani village in Headlands pounced at Maunganidze’s farm end of last year demanding that he leave the property.

Early this month, part of his farm was occupied by new settlers and he was allegedly ordered to stop any activities that might interfere with the new owners.

Last month, one of Maunganidze’s houses was burnt down by unknown arsonists.

“What is happening in Headlands is madness,” MDC-T Manicaland provincial spokesperson Pishayi Muchauraya said.

“We are, however, prepared for the worst and we will not budge to their old form of intimidation.

“The reason why they are evicting Maunganidze from a farm allocated to him by the government is because he supports MDC.”

He said Jomic in Mutare had pledged to investigate the impasse.

Jomic was set to monitor the implementation of the power-sharing agreement between Zau PF and MDC formations.

Meanwhile MDC-T in Manicaland is crying foul over the partisan distribution of inputs in most areas in Makoni and Headlands.

People were ordered to pay $15 for a bag of ammonium nitrate, but when they got to the central GMB depot in Rusape, inputs were reportedly distributed on the basis of party affiliation.

“We have received several complaints from people in Makoni and Headlands about the way inputs are distributed,” Muchauraya said.

However, Zanu PF blamed GMB for the chaos. “The problem lies with GMB because there are loopholes in their system of distribution,” said Charles Samuriwo, the party’s deputy provincial spokesperson.

“The government should also provide money for other activities like ploughing because those who sell inputs do not have enough money, but we should not say it’s Zanu PF because all farmers are involved in input scandals.”

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