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Kwekwe water sparks outcry


City residents have complained about the quality of running water saying they fear a disease outbreak.

The Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Development Association (RRDA) has written a letter to the city council demanding an explanation why the water from their taps had changed colour.

“During the past two weeks residents have been drinking “opaque water” from their taps with no explanation from council,” reads part of the RRDA letter addressed to council’s director of works John Mhike.

“Do you not have the correct chemicals to ensure that you deliver clean water to us?

“We are not going to tolerate such type of management which at times forgets why they are employed by the people.”

But council has assured the water remains safe to drink because it had adequate levels of chlorine. Council said the colour of the water had been affected by heavy rains and the situation had been worsened by dirt accumulating at Sebakwe Dam.

“Our water is safe for drinking, the problem of colour is difficult to deal with especially during the rainy season when we have unsettled water in our dam,” Mhike told a council meeting.

“The bottom of the dam has also collected segments of fine mud and this needs to be cleaned because as we speak we are using the water treatment plant to clean the dam.” The local authority said it was the responsibility of Zinwa to clean the dam.

“They have been refusing to open the valves at the bottom of the dam so that at least some of the dirt is cleaned over the debt we owe them this is why our water is dirty,” he added.

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