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Zinara fleeced


The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) could have lost millions of dollars through fake licence discs scam.

Of the 800 000 vehicles registered in the vehicle registry database, only 478 000 cars were legally registered, resulting in the road administrator losing 40% of its revenue annually through the phony licence discs.

Yesterday, Zinara administration and human resources manager Precious Murove said the organisation was working on a new vehicle register, and estimations are Zimbabwe could have one million cars.

We lost a lot of revenue last year through the printing of annual licence discs. We are now printing the disc on a termly basis and coming up with new security features each term, to harness these loopholes, Murove said.

He said the counterfeit licence disc printers were targeting firms with large fleets.

Speaking at the same function, Zinara finance manager Thomas Mutizhe said the road administrator requires $2 billion annually to maintain roads, against its scanty takings of $80 million.

Mutizhe said Zinara generated money through toll fees, road user charges, fuel fees, transit fees and over load fees. Zinara engineer Gift Kufa said: There is a backlog of maintenance for the road infrastructure since the days of economic problems.

The funds that we collect are supposed to be complementary, but at the moment the country is relying on these funds. Kufa said most of the countrys 87 554 kilometre roads are damaged and required attention.

Tolling manager Ostern Chimedza added Zinara plans to take over the collection of toll fees from Zimbabwe Revenue Authority by year end to reduce leakages at toll points.

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