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Gwanda mayor blasts Zinwa


Gwanda mayor Lionel DeNecker has lashed out at the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) for its constant water cuts, saying they are unjustified and unfair to residents.

In an interview with NewsDay, DeNecker said Gwanda residents had experienced regular water cuts for the past three weeks. DeNecker said council would meet its lawyers in Bulawayo to discuss the issue.

The water cuts conducted by Zinwa are unjustified and unfair to the people of Gwanda.

Zinwa is showing that they do not value life, but only value their own pocket, he said.

Zinwa has been pumping water for only nine hours when they should be doing so for at least eighteen hours.

There are some suburbs that have gone three weeks without water and this is highly frustrating.

He said water cuts mainly affected high-density suburbs, the town centre and high-lying areas. Zinwa catchment manager for Umzingwane, Tommy Rosen, refused to comment on the allegations. Gwanda town recently took Zinwa to court over high water tariffs and the matter is still pending.

They charge us $1,60 per cubic metre of water while their charge for Lupane is 15 cents per cubic metre and so far, they have not given us any explanation in court as to why they are doing this, DeNecker said.

Last year, the municipality upgraded Zinwas water plant in collaboration with the French Red Cross for $800 000.

Zinwa should hand over this plant to the people of Gwanda and let the people take care of their own water issues, the mayor said.

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