Reprieve for students


“A” Level students in Matabeleland now have a chance to compete for United States university scholarships through the United States students Achievers’ Programme.

Three years ago there was an outcry after students from the region claimed they had been left out of the programme.

The Bulawayo American Corner co-ordinator Noma Mabhena told NewsDay the programme was aimed at “determined and talented, economically-disadvantaged students in Zimbabwe who lack only financial resources and access to information to better their educational futures”.

“We do not limit the programme geographically. However, students must be able to reach our offices in Harare, Gweru or Bulawayo on a monthly basis during the school year, throughout school holidays, and after ‘A’ Level exams for full participation.

“Upper Sixth students will work with our educational advisory staff over this year and the next to try to secure places and financial assistance to begin studying in the US in August 2013,” Mabhena said.

She said the programme was running for the 13th year and the deadline for submission of application forms for this year was March 16.

“You must also demonstrate financial need, that your family would not be capable of financing the US application process on their own,” Mabhena said.