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New action movie to premiere in Harare


Local movie fans are in for a treat this year as Golden Castles Production has come up with an action-packed and fast-paced Zimbabwean movie that has the potential of becoming a blockbuster.

The movie, aptly titled Fighting Zone, takes a different route from other traditional, nonchalant local films and depicts contemporary Zimbabwean lifestyle.

The storyline hinges on a man who is haunted and chased by killers that are afraid he might expose a murder they committed.

The 93-minute-long film, shot in Harare and surrounding areas, is written and produced by experienced dramatist George Maxwell Gatsi and features karatekas who engage in realistic fistfights that are sure to keep audiences glued to their seats.

Popular karatekas Mugove Muhambi (third dan black belt), who is also an executive director, Eddy Manatsa (first dan) and Brian Gahadzika (first dan) are among the cast.

Muhambi is not new to the film industry as he featured in another local action drama, Cobra, in the late ’90s and has also appeared prominently on numerous television commercials.

“This is a first-ever Zimbabwean action movie with few effects. The moral of the story is anyone can get unlucky in life and the lesson we draw it is we don’t have to run away from challenges, but stand our ground and face the situation head-on,” said an enthusiastic Gatsi.

Jacksshack International director, Jack Chimbetete, who co-produced the film, said the production was not only about fighting, but using exciting martial arts skills to drive home important points.

“Martial arts is one of the few sports in the country that is not as popular as it should be. Through this movie we are trying to popularise the sport among the general populace. People have a misconception that karate is all about fighting, but in reality it is an art of self-defence. The themes the movie portrays are very important,” said Chimbetete.

The ending keeps the movie open for a sequel. According to Chimbetete, the movie will be serialised if it is successful.

“Our intention is to advertise our beautiful country to foreigners through storytelling. The film is punctuated with wide shots that illustrate Zimbabwe in a different but exhilarating light,” he said.

Golden Castles is still basking in the glory of their previous movie, Centre of Attraction, which featured high-flying gospel musician Amos Mahendere.

“We learnt a lot from the previous movie and we have improved picture quality and strengthened the storyline. At the moment we are working tirelessly to make sure the movie is out before Easter,” said Gatsi.

The seasoned movie producer said the local movie industry had the potential to churn out stars but lack of funding had hampered it.

“In producing this film we partnered with Sondela Home of Afrika Cuisine and we are urging the corporate sector to come and support local talent,” he said.

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