Constituency Spotlight


Budiriro — MP Heneri Dzinotyiwei (MDC-T)
People from this constituency had different views about the performance of their MP with most of them saying they did not know him because he was inaccessible.

What people said about their MP
Tinashe Ruvengo, a vendor from Budiriro 5
“I give the MP, 30% in terms of performance. Yes, we understand that he is a technocrat, a professor but it is difficult for us to identify with him because he is not accessible.

“He is always away and if he is not known by the electorate and stakeholders it becomes an urgent issue to deal with.”

Lawrence Daiton, an airtime vendor
“If our MP claims he has implemented projects in Budiriro, he will be lying because he is never seen here.

“Our former MP always engaged with people and was easy to access, he was a good man with people at heart.

“I only know that there is an MP here who is representing us in Parliament.

“Maybe you journalists can help us identify him since you know all national politicians.”

Lucia Murwira, a Budiriro resident
“I heard he constructed a footbridge which connects Budiriro 2 and 4, but I have never seen him.

“I just hope that soon he will engage with his people so that as youths we can vote for him in the next elections.”

Nora Ruzvidzo, another Budiriro resident

“He is a good man with people at heart.
“I still remember sometime last year when my grandmother passed away, he donated some groceries for the funeral and he also assisted us in securing a grave.

“He is also helping us to get market stalls.”
Mbuya Nyakunuwa

“I only heard of this MP during the cholera outbreak (2009) when he assisted us with treatment.

“Otherwise these days it is hard to see him here.
“I heard that people are being helped as well as youths but he has done nothing for the old people.

“We need benefits as senior citizens and it will be a good idea if he can meet us.”

Response by the MP

“What I can say is that we have managed to construct a footbridge which connects Budiriro 4, which is a vital development for school children.

“Budiriro is the biggest constituency in Harare and we have assisted all five primary schools with the drilling of boreholes as well as state-of-the-art libraries, which cost more than $100 000.

“Each library has more than 10 000 books including dictionaries, which some of them were brought from the United Kingdom and South Africa and we also distributed computers to all these primary schools.

“Our (Constituency Development Fund) CDF was used to construct a toilet at Budiriro Shopping mall as well as boreholes for the supply of clean water.

“You are aware that Budiriro had a cholera outbreak so we have decided to put high-tech equipment for supply of clean water starting with clinics and public places.

“What is really important as we speak is the opening of a secondary school which many parents are crying for and we are going to have a public meeting to discuss that on February 2.”

Glen View North — MP Fani Munengami (MDC T)
Most residents said they knew the MP as he was visible and had spearheaded some developmental projects in the area.

Others said they noticed their MP contributed a lot to Parliamentary debates as they had read about him in newspapers.

What people said about the MP

Munashe Ncube, a Glen View 3 resident
“I met our MP at a prize giving ceremony. That was the last time I saw him but I do not know anything about other projects he has done.”
Rhoda Maphosa

“He is a very caring MP with people at heart especially children.

“My daughter once came home talking about him. She said he had donated computers at her school, Glen View 2 Primary School.”

Albert Magaisa, a Glen View 7 resident
“I know Munengami and he has done a great job in our constituency.

“We teamed up with him to make sure we have constant supply of electricity in our suburb.

“He also donated books and furniture in schools where our young brothers and sisters learn.

“We have held several meetings with the MP where we discussed issues to do with development in our constituency.

“He does not tolerate violence ,that much I assure you.”

Tracy Rutsito, a vendor

“I do not even know this person you are talking about.

“We have never been assisted in any way through the money they get from government and you expect me to vote for him next time?

“We only hear people talking about him but I have lived in Glen View for almost 24 years and I have never come across a politician who represents us.

Response by the MP

“The problem with people is that they always associate their MP with his party instead of attending crucial meetings we would have arranged.

“I have held several meetings with residents and one is lined up for February.

“We have electrified Glen View High 3 and put a green house at the same school.

“We also managed to electrify Glen View 7 Extension with the assistance of other residents and we are now waiting for the next funding to finish our electricity projects.

“Glen View 2 Primary School laboratory block was furnished and we also donated 16 computers to Glen View 7 Primary School as well as 13 computers to Glen View 8 Primary School.

“125 desks and 25 benches were donated to Glen View 5 Primary School and I also assisted Glen View High 1 with 70 leather chairs.

“In terms of sanitation issues, we managed to drill two boreholes at Specimen and we cleared a ground for sports and recreation.

“We are thinking of constructing a footbridge which connects Glen Norah and Glen View to enable vendors to have easy access when transporting their wares.

“Very soon we are also planning to build houses similar to the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle project.”