The Kiss goes on big screen


A new movie titled The Kiss, which was launched last year, is now on big screen at Rainbow Cinema.
Produced by Ray Mudyiwenyama and directed by Sadat Sanhehwe, the 98-minute romantic comedy focuses on various situations that a lot of people end up in for loves sake.

The film, produced by Chifamba Films, tackles issues of sexual abuse against women in the work environment and temptations that await young girls as they start their careers.

As soon as the film has finished its run in both the Harare and Bulawayo cinemas we will make the DVD available to the public, said Sanhehwe.

He said his hopes were high that a lot of locals would come to support and appreciate the local production.

In the movie, workmates Leon and Dereck make a bet involving a new girl, Paida, at the cosmetics factory where Dereck dares Leon to kiss Paida for a grand prize of a one weeks supply of juice at their factorys canteen.

Leon tries all tricks in the book to win the bet. Dereck chides him and his constant failure pushes him to try even unorthodox means, but to no avail. To Leon, the challenge stops being about the bet as he becomes genuinely eager to kiss the girl.

Factory manager Jack Manyowa, who uses his position to solicit for sex from most of the girls in the factory, is also after Paida. He tries to use his position and gifts to win Paida and warns Leon against being involved with the girl.

When Leon finally manages to get the kiss, he realises he is falling for her and while Paida is warming up to him she realises that she was kissed for a bet and is livid with Leon despite his fruitless efforts to explain.

The plot develops when Manyowa discovers the affair and he gives Leon an ultimatum to leave the girl or lose an impending promotion.

The plot thickens when Paida is asked to pay back all the favours and gifts she received from Manyowa or become his girlfriend.

The movie has been well received by film lovers.
So far the attendance is good and it will determine how long it will run in the cinema, said Rainbow Cinema marketing assistant Darlington Phiri.

Phiri said the movie was very good and different from a lot of local productions because it is set in a workplace environment, an aspect that contributed in its selection for cinema viewing.

He said out of five he would give it a rating of three stars which was a good rating for a local production.
The cast consists of fresh talent which includes Peace Mukwara, Brenda Phiri, Steve Mutenya, James Jingo, Brighton Jazira, Gamuchirai Mutonhori, Roseburd Mubvumbi and Tawanda Chingara.