Teen gets five years for attempted rape


A 19-year-old domestic worker will rue the day he set his hands on his employers four-year-old juvenile after being slapped with five years in jail for attempted rape in Mutare yesterday.

William Maunze (19) was convicted on his own plea on charges of attempted rape when he appeared before Mutare magistrate Trynos Utahwashe. He was sentenced to five years of which two were suspended on condition he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.

Charges against Maunze are sometime in February 2010, he was employed at the juveniles homestead in Maunze village in Mutasa district as a domestic worker when he tried to molest the four-year-old.

He was left in custody of two children when their aunt went to the orchard to pick fruit.

As he was preparing food in the kitchen, Maunze called the children into the house where he promised to buy them fruits later in the day. He took advantage of the absence of the juveniles parents and aunt and tried to sexually abuse the minor.

While in the kitchen, he removed the juveniles clothes and laid her on a bench. Maunze removed his trousers, but his luck ran out when the aunt returned in the nick of time and caught him pants down.

The matter was reported to police, leading to Maunzes arrest.

In coming up with the sentence, magistrate Utawhashe said it was unbelievable that a grown-up man would try to molest a four-year-old minor. He said it is the responsibility of the court to protect minor children from people of Maunzes disposition who have little regard for childrens rights.