MLF leaders locked up pending indictment


The three Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) leaders facing treason charges after they allegedly plotted to overthrow the government last year have been locked up pending their indictment to the High Court on February 7.

The trio MLF secretary-general Paul Siwela, former secretary-general John Gazi and deputy secretary for security Charles Thomas were yesterday remanded in custody to February 2 when their case will be formally referred to the High Court in Harare.

They were advised of their indictment to the High Court by Bulawayo magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa.
You are to be indicted in the High Court of Zimbabwe sitting at Harare on February 7, 2012, Muchemwa said.

When the three were asked if they were against the indictment, they all consented to it.

Siwela and Thomas were out of custody on
$2 000 bail while Gazi is serving a 10-month jail term for a fraud conviction involving a city building.

Siwela and Thomas detention means the $2 000 bail which they paid in March no longer applies.
The two are being detained at Khami Prison.

The three have not yet been formally charged or asked to plead to the treason charges 11 months since the case opened at the Bulawayo Magistrates Court.

The State alleges sometime last year they distributed flyers calling upon members of the public and security forces to turn against the government and join Mthwakazi Republic, a state which they allegedly want to establish after secession from the rest of the country.

They are being represented by Sindiso Shepherd Mazibisa.