Changes at Bosso?


A section of Highlanders members is reportedly mooting a raft of changes to the clubs constitution ahead of the annual general meeting (AGM) at the end of the month.

The members want to abolish the executive committee and board of directors and replace it with an elected board of directors, NewsDay Sport can reveal.

If the members have their way, this could see the crucial elections which had been slated for February 5 cancelled.

The members say this has been necessitated by inefficiencies, shortcomings and at times the evident lack of co-ordination among the multi-centres of power Board Of Trustees, Board of Directors, Executive Committee members and Administration.

The document is reported to already be circulating within the Highlanders leadership.

The document seen by NewsDay Sport is also critical of the appointment of new coach Kelvin Kaindu, a former player and assistant coach in Zambia, who once took the club through some rigorous litigation processes and recommended Mohammed Fathi to Zimbabwe.

Kaindu is viewed by most Highlanders fans and members as counter-productive.

The document proposes that if the executive committee and board of directors are abolished, they will be replaced by an elected board of directors.

The members are also mooting the elected board of directors appoint a qualified and competent chief executive officer or management to administer the club on a full-time basis.

They say shortcomings of the Highlanders leadership have necessitated the need to rethink and effect appropriate changes in the management structures of Highlanders FC and make changes which include:

. . . Abolish the Executive Committee and Board of Directors and they be replaced by an elected Board of Directors, retain the Board of Trustees, President, and Patron as the custodians and elders of the Club for purposes of institutional memory and continuity.

The members are also vying for the current Board of Directors to resign and make way for an elected Board of Directors, between Five and Seven members with clearly stipulated terms of reference, reads part of the document.

The members advocate that the board of directors should not be active in the clubs activities.

When the Executive Committee made a number of administrative blunders which almost led to the dissolution of the Club through litigation processes, as evidenced by the hiring of the unaffordable Mohammed Fathi without adequate financial guarantees, where was the Board of Directors to give direction on this matter?

The Board of Directors is also questioned on what they have done to save the Club from the debt crisis at the Club which is under their watchful eye and threatens the existence of the Club.

When the current Chairman emotionally resigned from the PSL vice-chairman position, this issue seemed to have been relegated to his individual discretion yet the position is institutional and hence deserves to be discussed and arrived at that level, said the members.

The members accuse the board of directors of failing to control the activities of the executive committee as witnessed by the new appointment of Kaindu as head coach.

The Board of Directors has dismally failed to control the activities of the current Executive Committee to such an extent that we have embarrassingly observed the abuse of office by the outgoing Chairman and his team making crucial and yet misplaced appointments of the technical team.

They also question current board chairman Dumisani Sandi, whom they accuse of not attending home and away games, as a serious cause of concern and say he should step down if he cannot do so.

The members also say Highlanders culture and tradition has faded under the watchful presence of Board of Directors and the executive committee.

Contacted for comment, Highlanders chairman Themba Ndlela could neither deny nor confirm the matter will be discussed in the meeting.

If ever there are issues like that they will be discussed during the AGM. I cannot comment, he said.