Sikhala robbed of car in Johannesburg


MDC99 president Job Sikhala on Sunday lost a Mitsubishi Chariot party vehicle to robbers in Johannesburg, South Africa, as he was addressing a Press conference at a hotel.

In a cheeky development, the suspected robbers reportedly phoned him moments later, demanding R10 000 before they could release the vehicle, belonging to party deputy secretary-general Daniel Dimbo. Sikhala was on Monday still holed up in Braamfontein as the police carried out investigations.

“They said the car will be delivered only if we give them R10 000,” a visibly-shaken Sikhala told reporters.
He said he did not know how the robbers managed to get contact details of a member of his entourage whom they phoned to convey their demand.

Sikhala went on a diplomatic offensive last week in Johannesburg, meeting representatives of embassies, Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and business community. He was driven around in two cars, a white Mercedes-Benz and the Chariot.

Sikhala had told journalists during the Press conference that his party would roll out mass action North Africa-style in an effort to “overthrow” President Robert Mugabe, who has been in power since independence in 1980.

Sikhala said President Mugabe had to leave office first before elections were held, adding there would never be free polls as long as the veteran leader remained in the picture.

“(President) Mugabe has been rigging elections since 1980 and publicly lost elections in 2008, but is surprisingly still President of Zimbabwe.
So what is the need then for going into an election when we know that Mugabe will emerge as the President regardless of whether he wins or not?” Sikhala queried.

The fiery former student leader promised to take on President Mugabe in a contest of “madness”.

“(President) Mugabe is mad, he needs mad means of confronting him so that it becomes the contest of madness,” Sikhala said, sending journalists into stitches.