Sandra and Beverley clash


Sexy Angels leader Beverly Sibanda has declared war on Sandra Ndebele at their forthcoming show pencilled for City Sports Bar this Friday.

One that can best be described as old school meets new school, the show is a potential thriller as Sibandas popularity has been growing like a raging fire.

Ndebele at one end can safely be referred to as one of the pioneers of dance groups and is popular for her energetic dance routines on stage.

At one time she went onto the stage heavily pregnant and tossed her tummy disdainfully like an unwanted plaything, all for the love of the art.

Anyone who today has the guts to get onto the stage scantily dressed and perform sexually suggestive dances should surely give the credit to Ndebele. The woman has some guts.

It is Sibanda, however, who deserves a degree of credit as she has reignited the fire that has been lacking on the dance front.

She has the energy and her biggest advantage is she is extremely flexible.

She can do just about anything on the stage from acrobatics to pole dancing.

I am waiting for that show, said Sibanda. I know some might say I must be nervous, but to be honest I am not scared of anyone. Sandras advantage over me is her voluptuousness, but I am not worried about that as my group now has dancers who can match her in structure.

She boasted that she can take on just about any dancer even Botswana musician-cum-dancer Slizer at any level.

She might be older and more experienced, but this time around she will have a good run for her money, she said.

Sibanda can dance to just about any genre of music, which has proven to be a challenge to numerous other dancers.

In a separate interview with NewsDay last week, Ndebele expressed enthusiasm about the show and said she was looking forward to the show.

It has been a long time since I performed in Harare at a show that is not a gala and I promise that the show will be a memorable one. I really am looking forward to it, said Ndebele.

City Sports Bar proponent Biggie Chinoperekwei, who should be commended for his competitive aggression since he opened the joint two years ago, said he had come up with the initiative to revive memories.

It has been long since Sandra performed in Harare and with the advent of Beverly and company it becomes an interesting encounter, said Chinoperekwei.