Kireni Zulu son on outreach mission


In a bid to win more souls through marabi music Phil Zulu, the firstborn of renowned marabi king Kireni Zulu, has embarked on a mission of performing in places outside the capital.

The upcoming star has reached as far as Chirundu where he has stolen the hearts of many.

Recently this reporter spotted the heir-apparent of Marabi music at Makaha shopping centre, deep down in Mutoko, where he was delivering the unique genre to the entertainment-starved town.

Phil could be headed for even more popularity in the town if the huge crowd at the show is anything to go by.

In an interview Phil said his mission was to spread marabi music across the country and to reach out so that the genre stands the test of the time.

“I play mainly out of Harare because it was my strategy to attract a lot of fans out there while my father will be doing the same in Harare,” said Phil.

“I have done shows in Zvishavane, Murehwa, Chirundu, Mutoko and Kadoma, among other places.

“This doesn’t mean that I don’t hold shows in Harare, but at the moment count me out of performers in the capital.”

The 28-year-old Chitungwiza- based musician was a sound engineer in his father’s outfit when he ventured into music.

“I was a sound engineer for my father and as I was doing the sound check using the guitars, the passion grew within me.

“In 2007 my father discovered that I was interested in music, like most musicians’ sons and he encouraged me to write my own songs. I managed to come up with four songs and he wrote one for me. I remixed his song Mapurukasva to come up with a six-track album titled Zvenzeve in 2008,” he said.

Phil said he failed to subsequently release another album because he was busy with his father’s latest project Vhura Chivharo which was released after a long struggle.

“We have been busy perfecting my father’s album Vhura Chivharo and now that it is done, fans must expect something from me in September this year.

“My father is still playing a crucial role in my music and he is assisting me on the upcoming project. We have already started recording,” he said.

Unlike his father who holds most of his shows as a solo guitarist, Phil leads a six-member group known as Data Band. He uses acoustic guitar, lead guitar, keyboard, bass guitar and congas to produce fine marabi music.