Gays threaten ‘No’ vote


The Bulawayo-based Sexual Rights Centre (SRC), which claims to represent sexual minorities, has threatened to reject the new constitution if it does not include clauses that guarantee protection of the rights of gays and lesbians.

“If it does not include any clause relating to the minority groups such as gays and lesbians, it will be against our mandate to accept it,” said SRC spokesperson Mojalifa Mokoele.

“At the moment we are not mobilising anyone to vote ‘No’ against the constitution, but when it has been released, we will begin to think of the kind of measures to take to protect sexual rights.”

Copac co-chairperson, Douglas Mwonzora, who is also spokesman for the MDC-T, recently told NewsDay inclusion of gay rights in the new constitution was being prematurely discussed.

But his MDC counterpart Edward Mkhosi recently said homosexuals have “no chance even in hell” to have their views included in the new charter.