Russo, McDee release singles


Two of the countrys most sought-after, young and vibrant music producers, Rusell Russo Chiradza and McDonald McDee Chidavaenzi have once again realeased a top-drawer single for 2012 tiltled Kana Zvanaka.

Chiradza and Chidavaenzi who have in the past years been the men behind some of the best urban groove productions including Leonard Mapfumos Two Chete, Ex-q and Rokis Hauchambondifoneri and Diana Samkanges Uchandiramba amongst others said they would be releasing one track annually as a duo.

The song is a friendship strengthening song where we are saying that until death parts us. We will stick together through our ups and downs because we both have come so far to be where we are today, said Chiradza.

He said the track would be part of Zimstars Volume 2, a follow-up compilation to last years Zimstars which did extremely well.

Chiradza said the idea of the compilations was to introduce new talent to the industry and to show the nation that if people come together greater results can manifest instead of when people try to compete with each other.

The two collaborated for the first time last year as both musicians and producers when they released the track Ndokuimbira which did outstandingly well and received much airplay. It was certainly a favourite for many.

Ndokuimbira was a very big song, it did very well and this time with Kana Zvanaka we want people to know that last years success was not by chance and we know exactly what we are doing, said Chiradza.

He said it was in their plan that each year they would be releasing a compilation to introduce new artists which would also include a track with the two producers on one beat.

Chiradza said it had been an amazing experience working with Chidavaenzi who had taught him a lot as he was a very good producer and he had respect for him.

Chiradza said in 2012 he would do collaborations with artists from other countries to increase his fan base outside Zimbabwe and unite local artists by collaborating with them.

He also produced the current number one song on the local charts, Tezvara Varamba by Ex-q featuring Ba Shupi, and introduced new artists like Goridhe, Shaffir and Shastro, who have been doing well on radio.