Mutsekwa speaks on Copac detractors


Housing Minister Giles Mutsekwa has lashed at the continued assault of Copac by Zanu PF activists, saying the move was calculated to create chaos and derail conclusion of the countrys new supreme law.

Mutsekwa, who is MDC-T Chikanga-Dangamvura MP, said the hullaballoo could delay the holding of the next general elections. His remarks came after war veterans last week stormed Copac offices in Harare disrupting a joint briefing for media and civil society.

Everyone wants elections so that we put to an end the inclusive government. But before elections, we need the new constitution which is heading for its finality, said Mutsekwa.

However, it is regrettable that Zanu PF, war veterans and war collaborators are calling for the abandonment of the process, yet Zanu PF is a signatory to what the principals in the inclusive government agreed on the nature of the constitution.

Their behaviour is typical of thugs who always thrive on violence. They want to cause perpetual confusion. We expected that from a violent organisation which is struggling to transform itself into a civil political party.

Mutsekwa was addressing MDC-T supporters in Mutare over the weekend. He also rubbished claims by another MDC-T minister Eric Matinenga that Zimbabwe could have another coalition government after the forthcoming general elections.

Matinenga last week said another GNU was in the offing given the refusal by Zanu PF to reform the security sector. But Mutsekwa said: The next general elections can be described as watershed.

We want a situation whereby the winner takes all and I can assure you that there will not be another GNU because our partners cannot be trusted.

He assured party supporters there would not be elections before adoption of a new constitution.
Dont listen to propaganda in some sections of the media which are clamouring for the abandonment of the Copac-spearheaded constitution.

Those are sponsored Zanu PF mouthpieces. Sadc and the African Union are in agreement with us and there is no going back on the reforms needed to restore a semblance of civility to this country, Mutsekwa said.