Kwekwe falls to shameless Zanu PF daylight robbery


It is more than two weeks now since a group of men members of the Apostolic Faith church allegedly guided by prophesy, discovered what reportedly appeared like a cache of pure gold over 100kg of it has since allegedly been picked in the Sherwood Park farming area in Kwekwe.

According to reports, the members of the VaPostori who made the discovery were directed to the treasure by prophetic powers, visited upon one of them in their dreams.

True or otherwise, the fact of the matter remains the group that ended up at Sherwood Block whether they encountered bees and snakes or not indeed started picking up nuggets of pure gold and in no time, word of the treasure had spread, sparking a wild gold rush in the Midlands mining town of Kwekwe.

With gold panners leading the scramble, the entire area was, within days, swarming with bounty hunters from all over the country.

News of the gold picking spread like veld fire and by the time an attempt at restoring sanity in the gold fields was made, hundreds of gold seekers had already invaded the area like ants on spilt sugar and flushing them out remains an arduous task.

As usual Zanu PF moved in curiously claiming ownership of the gold on account the party fought the liberation struggle although it is clear as daylight a few greedy individuals who were not anywhere near the frontline when the war was fought and others that were not even born then, are using politics to steal the gold.

These individuals, with the help of equally greedy politicians, are determined to push everyone else aside and grab the gold in the name of politics.

Meanwhile, poor local citizens will unwittingly be used to build the sharks protection. They will, as they have, go in their thousands to queue up at the local Zanu PF offices to buy party cards passports that yesterday got them into the already looted gold fields.

All they are doing is to strengthen the sharks political CVs at national level and issue them with diplomatic passports to the gold fields. The police, as usual will be used by the politicians and the sharks.

There are reports at least two people may have died and many others injured as police discharge brutal force to eject people from the gold fields.

We hear the area is now under heavy police guard although it emerged yesterday the looting had continued since the discovery through well-planned syndicates involving the Zanu PF owners of the claim, gold panners and the police.

Latest reports have it that even after laying false claim to the Sherwood Block mining rights, Zanu PF sharks are at each others throats over the loot.

One George Makombe, a former senior Zanu PF official, accuses fellow comrades of theft and greed.
They have clearly broken the law by invading a mining claim which is legally owned by us, using the police force as a conduit, Makombe fumed.

Yesterday police and soldiers reportedly stood by and watched as over 600 Zanu PF card-carrying illegal gold seekers swarmed the area. If this is not official lawlessnes, then what is?

There is no doubt the Kwekwe gold find is one of the biggest and that, like the Chiadzwa find, should ideally have been expected to benefit the country.

What is already clear however is that a few individuals, wearing the face of a political beast, are set to benefit from looting a national resource with the protection of a corrupt and partisan police force.
As of yesterday, we heard the military had been roped in too.

Taking the Chiadzwa template, we are very likely to hear some military strongman has dipped their hand in the gold jar, if they are not in already.

Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has already been fingered. Makombe claims he is behind the attempted seizure of the claim from him. If reports that over 100kg of the precious metal in pure nuggets have been picked up from the area, what has the government done about it?

There is still no official statement over the discovery, save for brute of the police force that has been deployed, not for national, but personal interests.

As happened with the diamonds at Chiadzwa, Zanu PF claims ownership of the gold in Kwekwe, meaning only that partys portion of the inclusive government will be let into the goings-on at the Kwekwe gold fields.
Just as Tsvangirai has not been allowed anywhere near Chiadzwa, the same will happen in Kwekwe where the police have taken control and appear answerable only to the Zanu PF part of the inclusive government.

Zimbabwe will never prosper as a nation if its resources are so plundered by individuals from a political party on the grounds that party led the liberation struggle, making them de facto owners of all the countrys