Gold rush linked to prophecy


KWEKWE As tales surrounding the discovery of alluvial gold in Kwekwe continue to unfold, reports have emerged the deposits were discovered by a leader of an apostolic sect through a vision.

The discovery of the precious mineral at Sherwood Block on the outskirts of the Midlands city has sparked a heavy scramble for mining claims.

Zanu PF is frantically trying to seize control of the area that was sealed by the police last week.

But the gold rush has taken a new twist following revelations that a member of the Apostolic sect identified as Madzibaba Clifford Sibanda of the Sowe Ra Madzibaba Benson is the one who discovered the gold after the vision.

He reportedly had a vision of the gold deposits in dreams, which were later interpreted at the sects shrine in Mbizo.

Following the dreams, Sibanda and his followers are said to have visited Sherwood Block where they saw a big snake and a beehive.

The metal detectors started sensing the gold deposits when we were trying to kill the snake, said a source.

The source, who claimed to be one of the gold panners who had made a fortune from Sherwood Block, said he was part of Sibandas team.

We pegged the area, took samples which were very rich with pure gold and applied for a mining claim with the Ministry of Mines, he continued.

Attempts to get a comment from the leader of the sect, Madzibaba Benson, were unsuccessful.
His followers said he had gone to Harare to conduct some deep prayers.

This reporter was ordered to remove his shoes and jewellery as well as roll up his trousers to knee level when visiting the shrine.

A church elder, who identified himself as Madzibaba Ben, said the sect leader could only be seen through an appointment.

He also confirmed that Sibanda was a member of the sect.

The issue of the gold mine is nothing new, why have you taken a sudden interest in it? queried Madzibaba Ben.

Top-of-the-range vehicles were parked at the shrine.