Of taxi drivers, commercial sex workers


Commercial sex workers (CSWs)used to target heavy truck drivers, but they have turned sudden attention to taxi drivers.

But, who is fooling who because it looks like the taxi drivers are also after CSWs. Beaullah T Mbirimi (BTM) had the privilege to interview one taxi driver who wished to be called Madzibaba (MB) and he revealed the following:

BTM: Madzibaba, can you please tell us how your work and CSWs relate.

MB: That’s strong, but anyway it’s true because without them we wouldn’t still be in business. You see, we were introduced to these girls by their partners, mostly.

Most men, when they are through with these girls, just bring them to us late at night or early hours of the morning before sunrise and ask us to take them to a given address. In most cases, the girls will be so drunk that they won’t even know what will be taking place.

Unfortunately, the man won’t know the address, let alone the name of the lady so he just dumps her in our cars. I, for one has had four such occasions and am not liking it at all.

BTM: You don’t sound like you are liking it at all. Tell me Madzibaba, the truth, what do you do with a lady whose name and address you do not know, but you want their money.

MB: And the guys pay big money, madam because it’s not easy to look after a woman who’s stone drunk and half naked.

Sometimes I take other clients and let her sleep on the front seat pretending to clients that she is mine, just to while up time while she sobers up to tell me her address.

The last two were not so easy, am sure they drank and smoked grass for they just wouldn’t wake up. I was tempted to rape the last two, but they were dirty. Yes, if not why wouldn’t I have done it seeing the way they were NOT dressed. Now I keep protection in my car because you never know.

BTM: But I thought you are a man of the cloth.

MB: Who? Me? No ways, it’s a name given by other drivers because of my beard and shaven head. But the customers trust me because of my look and even come and look for me.

BTM: You still haven’t said it all.

MB: Ok. The last one agreed so we had to do it in the car.

BTM: Isn’t that illegal, in public?

MB: What are you saying? You think all these people go to lodges? They use our cars. Some ask us to go out, but most don’t mind and prefer us to drive around till they finish. There are some spots we park in and around town and no one notices that it’s being used as a lodge. Double pay, for lodge and transport. Did I steal or kill anyone?

BTM: Does this happen at night only?

MB: No, even afternoon. The big bosses do it daytime and most have our numbers so we are asked to take the girls home. Of course the girls don’t want to go home so we compromise and share the fare left by the man. Twice I took the same lady late at night. I think they use juju these women.

BTM: Aren’t you afraid of the deadly disease?

MB: Madam, Aids is gambling, I’m sure you’ve heard it before that it’s like playing cards, if you win or lose, that’s that.

BTM: Do you have a word to the ladies who are in this business?

MB: Not to the ladies, but to the government. Legalise prostitution because it pays and it’s thriving whether you like it or not.

Got to go madam, a boss told me to pick him up to take him back to his Light Industries’ office because he left his car at work.

It’s business madam. We all want to survive.

BTM: Thank you Madzibaba. Have a good day.

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