Tripple B could appeal Hardbody decision


Tripple B have hinted they will appeal against Tuesday’s ruling by the Zifa Appeals Committee which saw them losing the Premiership ticket to Hardbody.

The two teams have been involved in a contentious off-field battle to gain promotion to the Premier Soccer League.

Hardbody were cleared of any wrongdoing by the committee and confirmed as Central Region champions after they successfully appealed against an earlier judgment by the Central Region disciplinary committee which had stripped them of 42 points for fraudulently registering midfielder Tatenda Chingara.

The Tererai Gunje-chaired Appeals Committee overturned the disciplinary committee’s ruling and ordered Hardbody, who were cited as the appellant, to be given back their 42 points.

“This committee makes the following ruling: The penalty of the committee a quo ordering the forfeiture of forty-two (42) points from the Appellant be and is hereby set aside,” read part of the judgment.

“A reading of Section 4, Clause 12 (b) of the Zifa Rules and Regulations shows that it is an offence for a club to field an ineligible player . . . What can be established from the cited legal provisions is that, firstly, it is an offence to use an unregistered player and secondly, it is an offence to cause the registration of the player using false information.

These are two separate offences. The statutes before us fail to make a distinction clearly. The penalty for fielding an unregistered player is clear. It is forfeiture of three (3) points for every match that unregistered player plays.

For a player who is registered using false information, there is no prescribed punishment. The committee a quo, in our opinion, erroneously tied the two offences and treated them as one,” read the judgment.

But Tripple B are arguing that the fact that the player was registered using false information, as was established by the Appeals Committee, renders him unqualified to play and effectively ineligible which is an offence.

Tripple B were set to meet last night to map the way forward and club president Eddie Kanyangu branded the verdict as “largely biased”.

“We are yet to sit down as an executive and see what we can do. Some facts in the judgment are right, but most of them are biased.

If we decide to dig deep down into football’s rules and regulations this matter would end up at Fifa and we also have a lot of information regarding the delay in the passing of this verdict, which is largely biased.

We know many shoddy things that were happening behind the scenes,” said Kanyangu.