Telecel rolls out $70m investment


One of Zimbabwe’s leading telecoms company, Telecel Zimbabwe, plans to invest $70 million this year to expand and upgrade its networks.

In a response to emailed questions, Telecel said it was able, through good engineering work and use of the latest technology, to achieve its planned expansion in a cost-effective manner.

The project said implementation of the optic fibre project was part of plans for the overall expansion of the Telecel network during 2012.

“Telecel Zimbabwe’s current expansion project entails plans to invest about $70 million in expanding and upgrading its network and services,” Telecel said.

Last year Telecel established 127 base stations at new sites around the country, covering both 2G and 3G services.

According to the International Telecommunications Union standards, the 3G network is the third generation of mobile networking and telecommunications.

It features a wider range of services and advances network capacity over the previous 2G network. The 3G network also increases the rate of information transfer known as spectral efficiency.

Telecel plans to establish base stations at more than 300 new sites that result in improved network coverage. He said the company planned to enhance its 3G coverage and capacity in all the country’s main centres.

“It will add enough switching capacity to ensure the proper servicing of the expected number of subscribers,” the company said. Telecel currently has about 1 500 000 active subscribers and “anticipates having in excess of 2, 5 million subscribers by the end of the year”.

Last year the company launched a mobile banking partnership with ZimSwitch and this has enabled ZimSwitch-linked financial institutions to offer their customers mobile banking services using the ZimSwitch platform and Telecel’s network.