Rabies infections increase in Harare


The population of stray dogs in Harare is fast increasing, resulting in an upsurge in rabies infections, the Zimbabwe Veterinary Association (ZVA) confirmed this week.

More than 10 cases of rabies have been reported in Harare.

The ZVA said: “Animals and people can be protected from infection by vaccination.
“People do not need regular vaccinations if their animals are vaccinated; however, if they come into contact with an infected or rabid animal, vaccinations are essential as soon as possible.”

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals surgery manager Laura MacLean said of the increased incidence of rabies in Harare: “I can confirm to you that rabies infections have always existed, but this time around it is on the increase and we urge people to vaccinate their animals with immediate effect.”

Rabies is an acute viral disease, characterised by altered behaviour, aggressiveness, progressive paralysis and death.

It occurs in all animals, including horses and wildlife as well as in humans.

It is spread by a bite or saliva from an infected animal.