MP faces eviction


An influential Zanu PF activist is seeking the eviction of the family of MDC-T MP for Chipinge East together with 17 other families from a resettled farm they have been occupying since 1996.

Alec Munjokodi recently applied for a peace order against the 18 families.

He approached the Chipinge Civil Court on December 28 where he claimed MP Mathias Mlambo and the other families were illegally staying on his father’s land in the Daisy Hill area.

He argued before the families were resettled, his father was a farm worker and should be given the farm ahead of the families. If granted the order, the respondents will be interdicted from doing any agricultural activities on the disputed land.

The matter was supposed to be concluded on January 4, but the presiding magistrate, Vuso Gapara, was said to be in Mutare on business.

In 1996, the government resettled people in Chipinge East from seven villages in Daisy Hill after successfully acquiring a farm.

The families occupied Village Three on small plots.

In 2010 Munjokodi allegedly teamed up with two villagers to have the families removed from the area through a peace order.

He claimed his father occupied the area, measuring 4,5 hectares, before the resettlement. Mlambo and other defendants once approached the District Administrator’s Office where they were assured that they would not be evicted.

Munjokodi then applied for a peace order, which sought to interdict any unsanctioned movement on the land.

In opposing papers filled through their lawyer, Langton Mhungu, the 18 families described the application as victimisation.