Council workers accused of corruption


Bulawayo councillors have accused the local authority’s mosquito control teams of corruption involving the misuse of chemicals.

According to the latest council minutes, the workers were allegedly diverting the pesticides and later using them when hired to do private jobs.

Councillor Clayton Zana said: “A lot of corrupt activities were taking place among the spraying teams.

“The spraying teams are not using the right chemicals when spraying in the city, the right chemicals are being used during their private jobs.

“A proper monitoring method should be put in place,” he said.

Ward 23 councillor Ngwalo Nyathi concurred and demanded to know if the teams were adequately supervised so as to avoid corrupt activities.

Deputy Mayor Amen Mpofu said some residents were involved in the alleged racket.

“Residents should therefore be warned against participating in such activities and supervision should be effective,” he said.

But council’s director of health services, Zanele Hwalima, refuted the claims.

Bulawayo is considered to be a non-malaria transmission zone.