Zanu PF, MDC-T youths close ranks


Zanu PF and MDC-T youths recently closed ranks and urged their parties to consider setting aside a quota of the parliamentary and council seats for youths.

Speaking to NewsDay in separate interviews, the youths said they no longer wanted to be used as political pawns and wanted an opportunity to participate in national processes regardless of age.

Promise Mkwananzi, MDC-T national youth secretary-general said they had resolved to fight for their emancipation in politics and business.

The youths said they would join hands with the party’s women assembly to fight for higher political offices.

“One of the biggest challenges is marginalisation of young people.

“Youths have been used as instruments to perpetrate violence but now we are propagating a scenario to get a quota system in Parliament and in local government.

“We don’t believe in that we are leaders of tomorrow, we are in fact leaders of today,” said Mkwananzi.

Zanu PF youth chairman for Harare province, Jim Kunaka, said in Zanu PF, youths were respected and should take up positions in Parliament and council.

“In Zanu PF we have been given enough opportunities. We practise democracy in Zanu PF and it is up to the youths to take part otherwise we are given opportunities.

“Our policy is very clear, we don’t impose candidates, our national chairman (Simon Khaya Moyo) is on record saying we should not impose candidates and people should speak on who they want to represent them in wards or constituencies,” Kunaka said.