ANC recognition of Nkomo gives Zapu momentum


The Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu has saluted South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) for recognising the late party founder and Vice-President and nationalist Joshua Nkomo at its just-ended centenary celebrations held over the weekend.

The ANC — which turned 100 years last weekend — paid tribute to numerous pan-Africanists including Nkomo and displayed a huge portrait of him alongside Zimbabwean flag at the venue of the celebrations in Bloemfontein.

Zapu southern region spokesperson Methuseli Moyo said they appreciated the honour and recognition bestowed by the ANC on his party’s founding leader.

“We appreciate they invited us and that they also honoured Nkomo.

“He (Nkomo) deserved it because he was a true pan-Africanist,” said Moyo.

“At the formation of the National Democratic Party they (Nkomo and others) were influenced by the ANC. ANC have become an inspiration to us all, because, in as much as it is ironic that it (ANC) was the first liberation movement to be formed and South Africa was the last country to be liberated, they continued to walk their path to freedom with patience.

“The ANC continues to lead as they had led during the struggle. They fought a more sophisticated colonial system and as a movement brought the people of South Africa together.

In terms of national integration, after independence, the ANC has done a lot. South Africa has a lot of ethnic groups, but they all call South Africa their home. We have never heard that there was a tribal cleansing like what happened in Zimbabwe,” he said.

In what analysts have termed an endorsement of the revived Zapu, the ANC invited the party to its celebrations at the weekend.

Zapu was represented by Dabengwa and secretary for the council of Elders, Roma Nyathi, at the celebrations.

“They were joined by some senior members from our South African province,” Moyo said.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru represented the government and Zanu PF while the MDC-T was represented by its national chairperson, Lovemore Moyo.